I make folk covers of Sondheim songs inspired by the style of Sufjan Stevens.

SUF/SOND is a whirling combination of two deep loves: the expansive, one of a kind canon of Stephen Sondheim and the sweet, melancholic sounds of Sufjan Stevens straight from the scenery of Carrie & Lowell. Starting from a spontaneous Instagram post in 2019, covering "Every Day A Little Death", I have now crafted my own niche at the crossroads of musical theater and indie folk music from my original point of view, embodied by acoustic simplicity and swirling harmonies.

Welcome to the soft and speculative world of SUF/SOND.

All SUF/SOND videos can be found here, and you can read more about SUF/SOND on BroadwayWorld here!


Preceding an upcoming album consisting of 13 tracks, Johanna (Reprise) by SUF/SOND is now available wherever you stream music!


A Perfect Little Death, the debut album of SUF/SOND, will be available 5/21/21. You can pre-save by clicking here!

A Perfect Little Death

Available everywhere 5/21/21

A 13 track album recorded in the closet of my apartment, I wanted this album to feel raw and vulnerable, exposing a different side to each of Sondheim's masterful songs. Each arrangement is unique, thoughtful, and weaves in and out of darkness and light.

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