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No One Is Alone, single

A Perfect Little Death, the first full length Sondheim album from Eleri Ward, is now available on all streaming platforms through Ghostlight Records.​

The debut, 13 track album recorded in the closet of Eleri's apartment breathes a new, unique life into the great work of Stephen Sondheim. Each arrangement is singular, thoughtful, and weaves in and out of darkness and light. The album is produced by Eleri Ward.

A Perfect Little Death was called “a harmonious marriage of musical theater and indie folk music, with hauntingly beautiful arrangements” by Forbes and “an incandescent new record, something genuinely new” from American Theater Magazine. John Platt of WFUV Radio hailed the album as a “breathtaking, life-affirming gift.” It features 13 songs varying from “The Ballad of Sweeney Todd” to “Loving You” to “Take Me to the World,” leading you through an acoustical Sondheim journey the evokes golden hour.


Blossoming from a spontaneous Instagram cover of “Every Day a Little Death” in 2019, Eleri has now crafted this project to be her own niche at the crossroads of musical theater and indie folk music, embodied by swirling harmonies and her original point of view. Her second Sondheim record is to be expected fall 2022.

Welcome to the soft and speculative world of Eleri Ward's indie-folk musical theatre covers.

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