A Perfect Little Death, the full length Sondheim album from Eleri Ward, is now available on all streaming platforms through Ghostlight Records.​

A 13 track album recorded in the closet of Eleri's apartment breathes a new, unique life into the great work of Stephen Sondheim. Each arrangement is singular, thoughtful, and weaves in and out of darkness and light.


The brainchild of Eleri Ward, A Perfect Little Death is a whirling combination of two deep loves: the expansive, one of a kind canon of Stephen Sondheim and the sweet, melancholic sounds of Sufjan Stevens straight from the scenery of Carrie & Lowell, interpreted through the lens of Eleri's original point of view.

Starting from a spontaneous Instagram post in 2019, covering "Every Day A Little Death", Eleri has now crafted her own niche at the crossroads of musical theater and indie-folk music embodied by acoustic simplicity and swirling harmonies.

Welcome to the soft and speculative world of Eleri Ward's indie-folk musical theatre covers.