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personal MAP SESSIONS with Eleri Ward

in an industry that doesn't give you a map, let's make your own- together.


Navigating the worlds of music and theater can be daunting when there’s no straight path to success, especially when success itself looks different for everyone. From being an open book answering your burning questions to giving guidance on where you are and want to be in your career, I’m here to work with you on creating your own inner compass to point you towards achieving your individual goals as a creative in the world.


When I moved to New York City in 2017, I had no guidance, no agent, no clue how anything worked, and I learned everything by doing and creating opportunities for myself. I would like to take that knowledge and experience and share everything they didn’t teach me in school so as to give you the confidence and resources to succeed in the ways you aspire to.


If there’s no one way to go about a life in the arts, let’s figure out what YOUR way looks like and take steps towards total creative empowerment.

Let's chat about:



Rep books

Personalizing your approach to material


Equity vs. non-equity

Side hustles

Headshots & resumes

Casting offices & who’s who

Gigging & performing in NYC

Solo shows

Music touring

Agents & managers

Branding & marketing

Writing music

Self tapes

Submitting yourself


Life/work balance


Creating your own work

Recording & producing music

Artist websites

The art of practicing

Performance anxiety & nerves

Vulnerability & humanity as a superpower


Social media as a tool


Fortifying your unique skill set & POV

Finding & reaching your audience

Living in NYC

Actor-musician performance

Self advocacy & agency

Finding collaborators


Saying no

Saying yes

Embracing delusion

Imposter syndrome

Overcoming dry spells

Self love, kindness, and grace

Playing the field knowing there are no rules

Ridding yourself of comparison

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